Grande Rio Do Sul Floods

Emergency Response Needed: Crisis Unfolds in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

In Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, a grave situation unfolds as relentless rains lead to devastating floods, causing widespread destruction and loss. The death toll has tragically climbed to 143, with 125 individuals still unaccounted for, and over half a million people displaced from their homes. The enormity of the crisis demands swift and comprehensive action.

In response to urgent needs, the Brazilian federal government has allocated approximately 12.1 billion reais ($3.21 billion CAD) in emergency funds to aid in relief efforts and reconstruction. 

Despite these measures, the state remains on high alert as forecasts predict additional rainfall, heightening the risk of further flooding, particularly around Guaiba Lake. Rio Grande do Sul’s geographical position, situated between tropical and polar atmospheres, adds complexity to weather patterns, exacerbating the challenges residents face.

Let us unite in solidarity with the people of Rio Grande do Sul, extending compassion and support as they navigate through this profound crisis. Your generosity can make a tangible difference in alleviating suffering and offering relief to those in desperate need. Please consider donating today to help make a meaningful impact.

Areas of Impact


Water, Sanitation and Hygiene
WASH initiatives prioritize community health by building essential sanitation facilities like latrines, toilets, and handwashing stations, aiming to prevent disease transmission and enhance well-being through hygiene education.

Food Assistance

Food Assistand and Agriculture
ADRA Canada ensures food security through sustainable agriculture, providing safe, nutritious food and educating communities for better health, particularly focusing on maternal, newborn, and child well-being.


ADRA Canada's health projects aim to improve healthcare access and outcomes in vulnerable communities through professional training, system enhancements, and disease prevention, fostering healthier communities.


Protection projects prioritize the safety and rights of vulnerable individuals, particularly women and children, aiming to safeguard them from harm, exploitation, and abuse, and promote a safe environment for all.


In response to disasters and conflicts, ADRA Canada provides shelter solutions to displaced or homeless people. These projects focus on creating safe, dignified, and adequate living conditions for individuals and families.

Nutrition ​

Nutrition projects aim to reduce malnutrition and improve health outcomes by providing nutritional education and support. This ensures communities, especially children and mothers, have access to the nutrients needed for healthy development.

The Need Is Urgent​

ADRA is actively mobilizing resources to provide immediate assistance to those impacted by the floods. Urgent donations are crucial to support our response efforts, which include delivering shelter, food, and vital supplies to displaced families. Regardless of size, every contribution can significantly contribute to rebuilding lives and instilling hope during this critical time.