Emergency Response
Tsunamis, Flooding, Earthquakes, Conflict

Your support means that urgent resources are ready, and often prepositioned, to reach areas in need as quickly as possible through ADRA’s global network and partners. Funds, materials, and personnel are coordinated through ADRA’s country offices nearest to the disaster so plans can be put into action immediately and appropriate relief supplies reach the areas hardest hit.

Current Emergencies

Cyclone Beryl

Yemen Conflict

Rio Grande Do Sul Floods

ADRA Somalia Report

From 5th to the 14th of February 2023, ADRA Canada’s Dr. Jenifer Wambugu travelled to Somalia to observe and report on some of our projects there.

These projects were funded by CFGB and its member organizations. This document reports on the findings from the trip and highlights both lessons learned and recommendations for the future.

Emergency Response, ADRA Canada

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