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ADRA Canada invites one individual from every Seventh-day Adventist church or school across Canada to volunteer as an ADRA Ambassador, representing ADRA Canada to their communities. ADRA Canada encourages each church in Canada to have an ADRA Ambassador.

About ADRA Ambassadors

ADRA Ambassadors are individuals who serve as advocates and supporters of the work carried out by ADRA. ADRA Ambassadors play a central role in spreading the mission of ADRA and rallying support for our efforts to combat poverty, provide humanitarian aid, and empower communities. They proudly represent ADRA in their churches and communities, sharing inspiring information about our projects, and the latest updates on our fundraising initiatives. ADRA Ambassadors play a vital role in raising awareness about ADRA’s programs through presentations, events, social media and other activities.

Becoming an ADRA Ambassador offers you the chance to volunteer and make a meaningful difference in the lives of those in need!

If you are interested in becoming an ADRA Ambassador or learning more about the program, contact us for further information and guidance on how to get involved.

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Touching Hearts Door to Door

Brian and Ed are friends who both attend the Lacombe Community Church in Alberta. Together, they have almost 100 years of combined door-to-door canvassing experience.

For over 25 years, Brian has been canvassing for ADRA. He was introduced to canvassing at a young age and realized that he enjoyed it.

“My feet never grow weary of walking up steps and knocking on doors and I find that my knuckles never wear out. The bones in these fingers have knocked on thousands of doors and the Lord keeps them strong and hard.”

Brian and Ed
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