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This April,

Girls Health

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In remote areas of the world, such as Philippine villages, girls lose 25% of their education due to the unavailability of basic feminine hygiene products. This not only disrupts their education but also leads to early marriage, teen pregnancy, and increased risk of death.

Here’s the Good News — YOU have the power to change this!

Your gift will make an impact through the TOGETHER Project.

In the Philippines alone, we’re in 32 schools distributing hygiene kits and providing vital education on self-confidence, girls’ reproductive rights, and menstruation. Our mission? To foster acceptance, respect, and understanding among students of all genders, and most importantly, to keep girls in school.

The bottom line is that empowered girls secure better jobs, make informed decisions for their future, and lead healthier lives.

Act Now to Make a Difference!

By giving today, you’re not just supporting this initiative to empower girls in Filipino schools, you’re also funding vital programs that uplift entire communities

So far, the TOGETHER Project has helped over 139,097 individuals in Cambodia, Kenya, Philippines, and Uganda through programs focused on agriculture, hygiene, food, and education. Give today and help break the cycle of poverty in these communities by supporting women and girls.

Empower, ADRA Canada