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Join us in our commitment to making a difference through ADRA Canada’s Mission Partners program. Here, we focus on specialized projects aimed at addressing urgent needs in regions like Yemen, Ukraine, and beyond. Through Mission Partners, we tackle challenges such as food security, healthcare access, and education, ensuring vital assistance reaches those most in need. By becoming a major donor, you play a crucial role in sustaining our life-saving work. Together, as Mission Partners, we can create a world where compassion knows no bounds. Explore our projects and join us in making a lasting impact. Thank you for considering ADRA Canada as your partner in humanitarian action.

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Yemen: Health Units

ADRA is the sole organization operating in the remote and challenging regions, facing an immediate crisis with two individuals in need of urgent medical attention. Over 228,000 people across various health units require healthcare support.

ADRA aims to provide immediate comprehensive health and hospital assistance for three months, estimating a requirement of $200,000. Your support as a Mission Partner is crucial to provide lifesaving medical aid and bring hope to vulnerable communities.
Join us in making a tangible difference in Yemen.