“When EMBRACE began in our village, I wanted to learn everything. I reached out to other women to encourage them to join, as well. I knew some of them were too shy to attend, or they were too busy to see the full importance of the project. I thought that the project would be a big help for our village and our mothers. Some of the mothers refused to join, but over time they changed their minds. Now they’re EMBRACE participants, as well.  

ADRA Canada Philippines

“I became a permaculture champion. That means I was trained directly by EMBRACE so that I could return to my village and train the EMBRACE participants there.  

I’m also the chairperson of the savings and loans group. I chose five of my group members to help me conduct home visits on all our members and especially pregnant women. I wanted to keep track and monitor the situation of my group members, so I could encourage them.  

ADRA Canada Philippines

When ADRA came here, I was motivated to give more help to the village members. I learned everything so that I could share everything. The village members are very thankful for my efforts because I trained them in permaculture, savings and loans, and all the EMBRACE activities. Everyone got to know me and was impressed by what I did in this village. That’s why I was encouraged to run as a village counsellor. I was voted in, even though I don’t have any family members in this village besides my husband. I’m the chairman of the budget and finance department of the village. Everything will be transparent to the villagers now. The other counsellors are very confident in me because of the experience I received working with EMBRACE.  

I’m very thankful for what ADRA has brought to this village. It’s a whole package. We’ve learned a lot that equips us for our lives, for the whole community. We are all very thankful to ADRA for EMBRACE and what it has done in our village.”