Meeting a Food Crisis in South Sudan

Nakure is 45 years old and the mother of eight children. Living in South Sudan she has faced many challenges in her life, but none as dire as what she and her family are currently living through. Nakure and her husband have a small plot of land where they have traditionally practiced subsistence … read more

Famine and Hope

ADRA workers see despair often.  It is in the eyes of a mother who cannot feed her children.  It is in the slumped shoulders of a man whose only means of supporting his family has been destroyed by a natural disaster.  It is in the fearful response of a child who has fled … read more

Rations in the Bush

Agnes remembers a better life.  She had a home, a school, and her family was together.  They were happy. In hours, her life changed.  Her village in Wonderuba, South Sudan was attacked.  She saw people being killed.  Her family fled into the bush along with hundreds of others.  They found refuge outside a … read more