ADRA Angels

ADRA loves working with people who are committed to the service of justice, compassion and love for the sake of serving humanity so all may live as God intended. Together, we can change lives and communities today and for years to come!

By signing up to become an ADRA Angel, your support to ADRA Canada is a helping hand where needed most. Your impact through ADRA’s ministry, nationally and internationally, provides shelter for the displaced, food for the hungry, protection for the vulnerable, clean water for all, and much more. You will be an ANGEL to many vulnerable people and communities.

Thank you for being an ANGEL! 

Long term Impact

By offering your monthly support, you provide the foundation upon which we can carefully craft and implement solutions bringing about lasting transformation in communities across the world. Join our mission of justice, compassion and love as we make a profound difference, month after month.

Faster Response

Monthly supporters are the heartbeat of our rapid response. With your ongoing commitment, we can leap into action at a moment's notice, saving more lives in the face of disaster.

Cost Saving

Your monthly donations mean the world to us. They help us reduce administrative costs, so we can focus even more on the people who need it most. Your kindness is truly making a difference in the lives of others

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Other Ways to Engage

Bring your experience, faith, and passion to ADRA. Discover life-changing experiences and lifelong friendships as you serve humanity and make an impact in communities around the world.


Become an ADRA Ambassador in your church or school.

Fundraising & Events

Change lives around the world.

Connection Trips

Explore our short-term volunteer program.

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Support those in poverty and distress.