ADRA Canada is pleased to announce our latest partnership with the Canadian Government to improve and save lives of women and children in remote regions of Cambodia, Burma (Myanmar), Philippines and Rwanda.

Named EMBRACE, the program will reduce maternal and child mortality by building new health clinics, expanding some existing clinics,  training community-based health workers such as nurses, midwives and community health volunteers.  Women and men will be trained on the importance of health and nutrition.  Mothers will be taught how to grow nutritious fruits and vegetables close to their homes in kitchen gardens.  EMBRACE will also raise the awareness in among the Canadian public of international maternal and child health issues.

Focusing primarily on women of reproductive age, newborn and children under five, the program will directly impact an estimated 100,000 people, including 33,000 children.  Many of the women, men and children benefiting from this program are from  vulnerable people groups such as ethnic minorities and those returning to their homes after natural disasters or civil conflict.

EMBRACE will be the largest program that ADRA Canada has administered and represents a total funding amount of $26 million. Over $20 million will be contributed by the Government of Canada, through Global Affairs Canada and the remaining $5 million will be contributed by ADRA Canada and its partners.  The program will run until March 2020.

As we launch this life-saving program we are excited to invite the partnership of our donors. Every dollar that you give specifically to the EMBRACE program will grow to five dollars with the matching funds contributed by Global Affairs Canada.

Thank you for your continued support of the programs of ADRA.