Jamilla cares for her husband and two sons. A year ago, Jamilla’s village in Uganda didn’t have access to clean water. Each day she would walk over half a kilometer carrying jugs to collect water from the same source used by the local animals.

Today, thanks to generous ADRA supporters, Jamilla’s village now has safe, fresh, and healthy water source. It is just a simple borehole with a pump, yet it makes a huge difference for everyone.

Your donations go beyond providing water.

Jamilla and her community were taught how to prevent illnesses by using hygiene and sanitation methods. They learned how to maintain their borehole and keep it clean. While simple, these are essential lessons, including how to clean the water jugs and how to divert livestock and latrine waste from the area to prevent contamination.

Every donation before March 22 can save and transform thousands more lives like those of Jamilla’s community. Please give now.

A Day in the Life of Jamilla, ADRA Canada

A Day in the Life of Jamilla, ADRA Canada