As soon as they heard about the war in Ukraine, Kandus Thorp and her husband, Pr. Brad Thorp, knew they had to do something to help.

Approached by her brother-in-law, Greg Thorp, with the idea, Kandus decided to help organize a fundraising concert for Ukraine in her small town of Oliver, British Columbia. “I prayed a lot about it, and I knew we needed to do it. We needed to step out in faith.”

A Purpose-Driven Concert, ADRA Canada

Kandus connected with ADRA to learn about its response in Ukraine. That is when she learned that ADRA has evacuation vans that enter hotspots with supplies and exit with evacuees. Excited by this opportunity to support, the team called the concert 1,000 Rides Out. A gift of $27 would cover the cost of evacuating one person. The concert’s goal was to fund 1,000 rides out of hotspots in Ukraine.

Kandus was amazed at how God provided for everything to make the concert possible. Not only did He make the concert possible in less than two weeks, but He also blessed it with success beyond Kandus’ imagining.

A Purpose-Driven Concert, ADRA Canada

“Gina Williams, a well-known Seventh-day Adventist musician and performer, was available at short notice to lead the concert. Local musicians were happy to headline the concert. Local businesses donated for a silent auction. All in all, we raised $28,000!”

That’s not all. The leap of faith a of small community and the Oliver and Osoyoos churches has led to more 1000 Rides Out concerts put on by church and community members.

We’re so grateful to Kandus and all those involved to make this concert a reality. Your efforts have truly saved lives!