As the country of Thailand has gone through rapid modernization over the last 30 years, ethnic groups, living in the hills and mountains of the country, have faced many challenges. Much of their homeland has been turned into national parks and forest reserves, and ethnic peoples across the country have been forced to leave their traditional way of life, and take up new lives in the lowlands, closer to the cities and farms of the Thai people. Integration into Thai life has not been easy! ADRA has been working with the ethnic people groups of Thailand for over twenty years, helping them build new communities in the lowlands. One important program that has saved the lives of many young people, is “Keep Girls Safe”. In this program, ADRA is educating ethnic people groups about the dangers of human trafficking, and how to keep their young girls safe from predators. In this video, Canadian recording artist, Christine Wollmann visits the project sites of ADRA Thailand, and meets the young girls being saved by ADRA.

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Another feature length video on the Keep Girls Safe program can be seen here: Watch A Closer Walk: Selling Stories