Aftermath of Cyclone Winston

Cyclone Winston has left Fiji and is now tracking towards Vanuatu. It has been called the worst storm to make landfall in the South Pacific. Thankfully, because of disaster planning and preparation, the death toll has been low. However, the devastation to homes and property has been extensive. Mudslides and flooding are a major concern as heavy rains continue. Adventist schools and churches were used as evacuation centers and will continue to be used to provide shelter to families who have lost their homes.

Child in Fiji After Storm

Child sifts through rubble of his home after Cyclone Winston. Photo by Joe Yaya

ADRA Fiji is in a strong position to respond to people in need. Disaster preparedness is part of their working program. With stockpiles of emergency supplies such as water, purification tablets, soap, first aid kits and other sanitation and hygiene kits, ADRA’s trained volunteers and staff are ready to start distributions. ADRA Fiji will initially be supported in their efforts with emergency response personal from ADRA South Pacific, ADRA Australia and ADRA New Zealand.

In the coming days as communications are re-established and travel becomes possible, a more extensive needs assessment will be done. ADRA Canada is standing by to assist in whatever way we can as the needs arise. Please remember the people of Fiji in your prayers. Thank you for your partnership in helping us be ready to help people facing crisis