Ecuador Earthquake

On April 16, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake brought major devastation to the South American country of Ecuador.  The death toll is now over 600, including 4 Canadians. This number is expected to rise dramatically once the rubble is moved and the “missing” turn into confirmed fatalities.

Whole communities around the epicenter of Pedernales suffered 60-80% infrastructural damage.  Entire neighborhoods were flattened with many people trapped in the rubble.  An estimated 720,000 people have been affected by the earthquake.  At least 3,000 people have lost their homes and livelihoods and are in desperate need of shelter.

ADRA was one of the first agencies to arrive in the affected area with emergency distributions of food, water, clothing, and hygiene kits.  Over 20 tons of emergency supplies have been distributed so far.  The most urgent needs are for pure water, shelter kits, food and health assistance. A water purification plant has been set up by ADRA that can produce 173,000 liters of potable water per day.

ADRA Ecuador is being assisted by volunteers from the Seventh-day Adventist Church as they provide assistance to people who have lost everything.

Rescue in EcudadorGiven the magnitude of the disaster, ADRA International has deployed an emergency response team made up of people from various parts of the world who are specially trained to work in these kinds of crisis situations.  Their base of their operations is the Adventist College campus in Santo Domingo.

The government of Ecuador has asked ADRA to coordinate response in the coastal communities of San Vicente, Bahia, Jama, and Canoa.   For our initial response, ADRA Canada is committing financial assistance of $10,000 to help purchase emergency supplies.  However, the need is great and we are calling on our supporters to give from the heart, to help the people of Ecuador.

Please help ADRA save lives in the critical days that follow.