Fort McMurray Update, ADRA CanadaIn partnership with the Government of Alberta, ADRA Canada has opened the Alberta Wildfire Donation Centre in Edmonton, Alberta to help the evacuees and residents of Fort McMurray.

As of June 1, the 175,000 square foot warehouse has been the primary location to manage all donations for Fort McMurray. The warehouse is located at 17306 129 Avenue NW in Edmonton, operating Sunday to Thursday for volunteers and Monday to Friday for donations.

In addition to receiving donations province-wide and nationwide, the Alberta Wildfire Donation Centre also coordinates shipments of donations to other participating agencies in Fort McMurray. The goal is to be specific and focused in meeting the needs of residents. By working with other agencies, all involved parties can ensure that donations are distributed responsibly and strategically.

In order to efficiently manage operations, ADRA Canada has hired a team to manage the project for the next six months. Each team member brings a unique set of skills to the table, contributing to the greater good of the project. In addition to a capable management team, the success of the operation also relies on the help of willing volunteers. In the last month, the warehouse has welcomed the help of over 200 volunteers. Volunteers help sort through donations, preparing them for shipment to Fort McMurray. Their patience and determination in the task has contributed greatly to the success of shipments thus far.

With such a great responsibility, we request your prayers and support as we move forward with this project.