Fraser Valley’s Ration Meal Challenge, ADRA Canada

On February 7, students and sponsors from Fraser Valley Adventist Academy participated in ADRA Canada’s Ration Meal Challenge. For 24 hours they ate nothing but three BP-5 nutrition bars.  These bars are the same distributed by humanitarian agencies when no other food is available.

The student’s efforts raised $2,130.03!  These funds will be matched by the Canadian Foodgrains Bank and will help to fight hunger.

One of the sponsors, Pastor Jim said “Together we experienced eating the kind of meals we would eat if we were refugees.  We are so happy that we will be able to help provide food for people in need.”

ADRA Canada would like to thank Fraser Valley for their support of the hungry.

“I enjoyed doing the ration meal challenge because it was an eye-opening experience. I truly value ADRA’s work with the ration meals and believe it is making a difference in nutritional health around the world.”

Sarah, FVAA student