Grace moved to Canada from Italy in 1967. She is now 79 and lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Grace always knew that she wanted to live in Canada. She knew that her children would be safe here.

Grace’s mother left when she was very young. Grace’s father told her she would have to take care of him and her three brothers. This experience made her stronger as an individual and taught her how to care for a family. <

Grace has two sons and a daughter, as well as two grandsons. COVID-19 has changed all of their lives. One son worked for Air Canada but was laid off because not many people are still travelling, and he now lives with Grace. Her other son now works from home.

Grace’s daughter is a housekeeper, but she worries because she is no longer able to find work. She is also still looking after her two sons. One works at a pizzeria, but the other worked in construction and has been laid off.

Grace is doing her best to maintain her daily routine. She wakes up and gets dressed as if she is going out. She fixes her hair, does her makeup, and goes for walks. She cleans the house. She calls her friends and family to check up on them and make sure that they are all well.

Grace remembers growing up in Italy during World War II. At the time Italy had many of the restrictions that COVID-19 has now placed on Canadians. She still remembers lining up for food during the war.

When restrictions were put in place to combat COVID-19, Grace became worried about where she was going to get food. She thought “At my age I have to go out looking for food?”

Grace asked “Why God, why? I have done this before. Why do I have to go through this again?”

Grace heard about Parker Street from one of its employees, who is also a good friend.

When she went, she was given a hamper filled with a variety of foods. She was surprised and impressed. She was very happy that the food was put together in a thoughtful way. She was given hamburger meat along with the other ingredients needed to make burgers. She was given pasta and the sauce to go with it. “But they forgot the wine”, Grace joked.

The food in the hamper lasts for two weeks and Grace was able to share with her daughter and her grandsons.

Grace struggles with poor vision and Parker Street will now bring her food hampers to her home. “Before when I was in Italy, I had to look for food. Now food is coming to me.

The ADRA network, the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Canada, and Adventist Community Services – North American Division have partnered to provide grant funding to Seventh-day Adventist churches and organizations so they can assist communities in Canada affected by COVID-19.