Console’s family used to eat only two meals a day. Console hadn’t been taught about proper nutrition and mainly cooked one-ingredient meals. Her family was often sick. The youngest of her five children was malnourished, but Console didn’t know. 

All this changed when ADRA came to her village in Rwanda. Console learned about a balanced diet and the importance of feeding her children vegetables every day. She learned how to grow her own vegetables in a kitchen garden just outside her home. Now her family eats three meals a day, prepared with organic produce from their own garden. Her youngest child is no longer malnourished. Her whole family is much healthier; they no longer frequent the health clinic. 

Console no longer worries whether her family will have enough food. With her garden and the techniques she learned to grow crops even during the dry season, she is confident that she has enough food to feed her family throughout the year. In fact, she is growing more than her family can eat. She sells vegetables in the market for extra income. 

Console hopes that her children will grow into strong men and women. Now, with the help she has received from ADRA, she knows that it is possible.