Help for Haiti, ADRA Canada

On August 14, 2021, Haiti was struck by a 7.2 earthquake which caused widespread destruction and claimed over 2,200 lives. Nearly 830,000 people were harmed in some way by the disaster. The seismic shock caused severe damage to the country’s infrastructure, including homes, roads, water systems, and health facilities.

The disastrous aftermath of the earthquake was compounded by Tropical Storm Grace that hit the same area as the earthquake only three days later. We thank God for His mercy and protection as lives were not lost because of the storm.

Distributions of food, water, hygiene kits, and shelter kits to affected families continue, and plans are being made to expand our response. We are also supporting a local Adventist hospital that gives urgently needed healthcare to persons injured by falling debris during the earthquake.

After disasters, people are more susceptible to disease and violence. To help protect the vulnerable, especially women and children, we are sharing messages on preventing the spread of COVID-19 and reducing sexual exploitation and abuse during the distributions. There is also a hotline available, which is promoted during the distributions.

Thank you for your prayers and financial gifts to help the people of Haiti.

Help for Haiti, ADRA Canada

Earthquake victims in Haiti wait in line for an ADRA food distribution.

A man carrying food bags on his head after the Haiti earthquake in 2021

Receiving food and hygine esentials from ADRA.

a man and a woman carrying food donated to them by ADRA canada.

Carying food items home, Haitian style!