FS04_450This August the communities of Rock Creek and Westbridge, BC were forced to evacuate their homes because of a wildfire that swept through their community. At least 30 homes were destroyed along with other buildings. ADRA Canada is helping with a grant to help families with removal of scrap metal and other debris from their burnt out homes.

Rock-Creek-LogsIn many cases where homes were spared, items in people’s yards were burned, including the firewood that had been stockpiled for the winter. Recognizing the need, local logging contractors delivered a large supply of logs to the Westbridge Community Center. People who had lost their firewood were invited to come, cut and split what they needed. Volunteers with the local Adventist Community Center came and helped cut and split for the elderly and others not able to do this task themselves. The recipients were extremely grateful for this help. The nights in the Rock Creek area are already cold, around freezing temperatures.