Hoops for Hunger Virtual Event, ADRA CanadaHoops for Hunger is an annual event that raises funds to help ADRA help feed the hungry around the world. Teams from different parts of southern Ontario would come together for a tournament where basketball enthusiasts could raise money while playing their favorite game. Due to COVID-19, there were some concerns that Hoops for Hunger would have to be canceled this year. Then came the brilliant idea of taking Hoops for Hunger virtual!

Over the first weekend of October, the Hoops for Hunger event was shifted to outdoor courts where nine teams of participants could maintain physical distancing while playing.  Unable to play traditional basketball, for this virtual event participants adapted the game of HORSE and spelled out the word HUNGER instead. Teams from Newfoundland, Ontario, and even the US joined some of the regulars from the Toronto area. Teams and individuals registered and secured sponsors and donors to support them. So far $6,800.00 has been raised through this exciting event.

We hope to see you next year!