Abu and his family were one of the most war-affected families ADRA workers had seen. They were living in a home that had been nearly destroyed by the ongoing violence. In fact, most houses in a similar condition in the region had already been abandoned.

Since 2015, Yemen has experienced devastating conflict, leaving 22 million people in need of humanitarian assistance. ADRA is working in vulnerable areas to provide essential food and healthcare services for those affected.

Abu and his family gratefully accepted a hygiene kit and information on cholera prevention from the ADRA workers. They showed an interest in learning more. With cholera spreading in their region, practicing better hygiene would decrease the risk of contracting the illness.

When the ADRA team revisited Abu and his family, they were happy to see their improved health.

Your support of ADRA is helping thousands in Yemen receive the resources and information they need to keep their families safe from disease.

Thank you.