SAGE Group Visits SE AsiaThe Alberta SAGE group has just returned from an exciting trip to South East Asia. Alberta SAGE is a group for seniors that want to make a difference in the world. The group partnered with ADRA Canada’s Connections program to organize this trip so they could see the work that ADRA has been doing. On this trip the group visited ADRA’s projects in the countries of Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam. While at the projects they had the opportunity to talk with our project participants, take part in water filter distributions, witness latrine installations, join in Cambodian community meetings, evaluate water projects in the mountain villages of Laos, and paint a building that houses a blind association in Vietnam.

In addition to all of this work the group also took the time to explore the exciting and varied sights of each country. The group watched sunrise at Angkor Wat before exploring the ruins, waded in the crystal blue water of Kuangxi Falls in Laos, and relaxed on an overnight cruise in Ha Long Bay, Vietnam. By the end of the trip the group had seen much of what these three countries have to offer, and had a much better understanding of the work ADRA is doing in the region.