In some of the countries where ADRA works there is such sensitivity surrounding the current situation that some of our funding partners ask us not to share the name of the country.  Today’s report is from one of those countries.

Saving Lives with Food and Fuel, ADRA Canada

By the beginning of 2021, war and drought had caused the displacement of 3.8 million people. The situation has only deteriorated since then. Today, over 18 million people living in this country are dependent on assistance from humanitarian aid.  Because of the prolonged drought, prices for basic food necessities have skyrocketed, plunging more people below the poverty line.  The host families for the millions of displaced are finding it increasingly difficult to buy enough food to sustain life.  It is estimated that one-half of the children younger than five in this country are right now suffering from acute malnutrition. With winter approaching, a new concern is the rising cost of fuel to heat the homes.  It is feared that hunger and freezing temperatures will take many lives unless there is some kind of intervention.

Since 2005, ADRA has been working in three districts of this country, providing food assistance and basic life necessities to people struggling to survive.  Over the last few months, this area has been overwhelmed by the influx of refugees and the displaced.  The need, which was great, has grown!  ADRA is responding, in partnership with the United Nations and other non-governmental organizations. The most vulnerable households in this area have been selected to receive multi-purpose cash assistance.  That means they are receiving token cards that allow them to purchase heating fuel and enough food to feed a family of seven.  Children who were going to bed hungry last week are now enjoying daily meals of bread, rice, and beans.

Donations to ADRA’s Emergency Response fund enable ADRA to act quickly to save lives in the midst of disasters.  If you would like to help save lives in this country, please give to ADRA’s Emergency Response Fund today.

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