Now I Don’t Have to Borrow Money, ADRA Canada

This year has been a tumultuous one all around the world. But ADRA donors like you have empowered continuous response to some of the worst disasters that people have faced in 2023, including the earthquake in Syria. You have been supporting 48-year-old Rima and her family as they weather the after effects of the earthquake. Located in Aleppo, Syria, Rima is a mother of five daughters – the eldest 21 years old – and one son, the youngest at 7.

The family has not been back to their home since the earthquake, and Rima’s husband lost his job because of the toll earthquake took on his workplace. On their own, they were forced to depend on the 21-year-old eldest daughter’s work at a clothing store to make ends meet. In Rima’s own words: “I was sleeping during the earthquake. I awoke from the intensity of the shaking, and ran out of the house with my children as the walls cracked. We stayed in the garden next to the house for hours, then moved to the local mosque for a week, until we settled in the Sultan Basha al-Atrash shelter. We stayed there from Ramadan (March 22-April 21) until now.”

“Here in the shelter, I can find all my food needs because of ADRA’s food kits that are distributed every week. The food kits we receive from ADRA help us save money to meet other needs. Now I don’t have to borrow money. Despite all that has happened to us, we are thankful that God still provides for us through organizations like ADRA. Thank you for giving, for your efforts, and for treating us with respect. We appreciate this.”