What a difference a month can make! Since our last eNews update, our world has changed dramatically! We have all learned a lot about “community spread”, “social distancing”, “self-isolation”, home-schooling, and working from home. Simple trips to those stores that still remain open can mean waiting in long lines before being able to complete your shopping. With people testing positive across Canada, many live in fear that their next trip for groceries might bring them into contact with the virus. Many have lost their jobs and are facing a personal financial crisis and an uncertain future. Thankfully, Canada has wonderful safety nets and we look to our provincial and federal leaders to guide us through this difficult time.

At ADRA, we have officially closed our office temporarily, following the recommendations of the government of Ontario.  All of our staff are working from home. We still all get together for virtual worships and meetings every day on Zoom and other internet technologies. Some of us are struggling to adjust to the rhythm working from home while juggling parenting and other responsibilities, but much work is still getting done!

COVID-19 Resources
We have assembled a lot of good information on COVID-19 along with safe links to other trusted sites. You can find that here. If your church is closed and you would like to watch something online, we have prepared some sermons that you can watch, share, and download. You can find them here. Also, be sure to check out our new video podcast, the ADRA Insider!

The emergencies that ADRA usually responds to are earthquakes, floods, cyclones, wildfires, and civil conflicts. COVID-19 is a new kind of challenge for us! Many of the people we help are living in refugee camps where sanitation is limited and social distancing is impossible. An outbreak would quickly become widespread and take many lives.

We know that your prayer list is probably quite long these days, but we ask that you add the world’s vulnerable people to your petitions.

The needs are going to be great as ADRA pivots to meet the needs of people during this worldwide crisis. We will be starting by assisting the needs of people right here in Canada through the financial support of food banks.

Donations mailed in from our faithful supporters are still being processed, but online giving would be the best way to continue supporting ADRA during this time. At our website, you can easily give a one-time gift or set up an automatic monthly donation with a credit card or bank account. Follow this link to try it out.

Please stay safe. Keep a distance from your neighbours but give your kids lots of hugs!