Providing Help in A Dry Land

Adan is a respected elder in his community.  He moved to the Mandera West region of Northern Kenya when he was a young man and helped start a settlement that has now become Takaba.  Adan had grown up in a culture of nomadic pastoralists who relied on raising livestock for a living.  Camels, … read more

Gardens in the Midst Drought

For the last five years, Mandera County in Kenya has been gripped by a devastating drought. The people in the county, who are traditionally pastoralists, have watched as their livestock and livelihoods succumbed to hunger and thirst. The people themselves, without a means of providing for their needs, are suffering from acute … read more

I Had Lost Hope

Bandira’s life was hard.  She didn’t have any money and there was not enough food in her home to feed her seven children.  Sometimes they went without food for two days in a row.  Her children were malnourished. It is estimated that over three million Kenyans have been affected by the severe … read more

Flood Response in Kenya

Beginning in March of 2018, the country of Kenya has experienced extensive torrential rainfall. The flooding has caused the death of 183 people and has displaced over 300,000 people. The flooding has been so intense that homes have been swept away to nearby Lake Victoria. People have lost their livestock, their crops, and … read more

The Honourable People

Not every disaster is unexpected. Sometimes the warning signs can be seen months in advance.  Insufficient amounts of rainfall.  Political uncertainty.  Skyrocketing food prices.  Crop failure.  Poverty.  Any one or a combination of these factors can cause a disaster which can go unnoticed. Famine. For the United Nations to officially declare a famine … read more