Syria and Turkïye Update

Earlier this year, the earthquake that rocked Syria and Türkiye left the world shocked and shaken. Already subject to protracted violence over many years, Syrian communities found their problems compounding as existing struggles ran up against new ones. For some families, sons bearing serious wounds and health conditions sustained during combat complicated the process of fleeing from crumbling homes and travelling across town to find new shelter. For others, the economic impacts of the long war had left some very full households with only one breadwinner.

Now I Don’t Have to Borrow Money

Turkey-Syria earthquake response in north-west Syria.

In 2023, ADRA donors responded to the Syria earthquake, supporting Rima’s family in Aleppo. The earthquake left them unable to return home, and her husband lost his job. They relied on their 21-year-old daughter’s income until ADRA provided weekly food kits, helping them save money and regain stability. Your support makes a difference.

Saving Mothers and Children

Five years of civil war in Syria has left the country and its people in a crisis of astounding proportions. From secure shelter to safe water, food, and clothing, the needs are immense. Out of a population of 21.4 million people, 13.5 million people in Syria are in need of aid. Among the … read more

Helping Children in Damascus

The ongoing civil war in Syria has forced over 11 million people from their homes. An estimated 300,000 people have been killed and approximately 5 million have fled the country to find refuge in Jordan, Turkey, and Lebanon. The hardest hit city in recent months has been Aleppo. Once the largest city in … read more

Amina’s Story

On January 7th, the Canadian government extended the deadline for donations to the Syrian Emergency Relief Fund to February 29th.  The impact of gifts given to registered Canadian charities to help Syrian refugees by the new deadline will be doubled. Your gift will help people like Amina, a Syrian refugee in Beirut, Lebanon.  … read more