TOGETHER, We Protect Women and Children

Your unflagging support of ADRA’s mission is reaching the vulnerable around the world with provision and protection. Thank you, dear Angel, for protecting the vulnerable today and ensuring a safer tomorrow! Who are the vulnerable? They are those who can’t shield themselves from harm or exploitation. Most often, they are women and children. … read more

Supporting Ukrainians in the Long Term

This month, we received testimonials from several women in Ukraine. ADRA’s LEAP (Lifesaving Evacuation, Assistance and Protection) project has been addressing some of the longer-term effects of the war, especially when it comes to mental health and psycho-social support. You have helped us connect Ukrainians with qualified mental health professionals. There are women like … read more

Reminders of Good Work in Alberta

With urgent news emerging throughout the province of Alberta, as wildfires spread across multiple communities, many of us are eagerly thinking of our neighbours in the western parts of Canada. While we do not have very thorough information for you yet regarding ADRA’s response to the fires, we want to remind you of … read more