Adrianne, Menstrual Cycles & Taboos

As a young man, Adrianne did not know or understand much about the menstrual cycle, or the particular needs girls and women have every month. The topic on menstruation can be taboo, leaving young people ill-informed and girls and women with a sense of shame. 

Namoit’s Journey: A Tale of Resilience, Faith and Hope

Namoit’s journey began in Turkana, a region of breathtaking natural beauty marred by conflict. Born into a nomadic family, she experienced firsthand the challenges of living in a volatile area. Despite the hardships, there was a sense of community and abundance, with her father’s herds providing sustenance and connection.

As Long as We’re United

Through the TOGETHER project, ADRA is coming alongside women in the Philippines to help them find ways to build their economic resilience. TOGETHER works with women to pull their families out of the corner where they must choose between essential needs. Most significantly, TOGETHER is helping women reach the point where they no longer need to sacrifice the healthcare they need in order to meet their family’s needs.

Our Women and Girls Are Glowing Again 

Thanks to the [BRACE] project, our women and girls are glowing again. We all feel like newly married brides. With the cash transfers, we were able to decorate ourselves in our colourful accessories and attire. You would not recognize us if you had seen us during the drought when our faces were covered with ashes and our minds were overloaded with stress.”

I’m Glad He Took My Place – TOGETHER Project

Earlier this year, the earthquake that rocked Syria and Türkiye left the world shocked and shaken. Already subject to protracted violence over many years, Syrian communities found their problems compounding as existing struggles ran up against new ones. For some families, sons bearing serious wounds and health conditions sustained during combat complicated the process of fleeing from crumbling homes and travelling across town to find new shelter. For others, the economic impacts of the long war had left some very full households with only one breadwinner.

Men supporting their partners’ right to health in Rwanda

In the heartlands of Rwanda’s Nyabihu District, a remarkable journey unfolded between 2016 and 2020, leaving an indelible mark on communities. In collaboration with the Rwanda Ministry of Health, ADRA spearheaded the ‘Enhance Mother/Newborn/Child Health in Remote Areas through Health Care and Community Engagement’ (EMBRACE) project, transcending borders and cultures to redefine the dynamics of healthcare.

Supporting Health Systems

Vuthy struggled in his role as a nurse. Though he had an associate degree in nursing, there were gaps in his skills and experience. These gaps impacted his ability to deliver quality care to the communities served by his rural clinic in Preah Vihear province in Cambodia. Unfortunately, the gaps were in critical areas of care, namely sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR), gender awareness, and gender-based violence.

BRIGHT Project: ADRA’s Mission to Empower Women, Girls, Boys & Men Through Education

Gender-based violence (GBV) violates fundamental human rights and is a major barrier to achieving gender equality. During times of crisis and emergency, multiple risk factors increase the prevalence of gender-based violence (GBV) and exacerbate existing gender inequalities. These kinds of emergency situations can significantly weaken a society’s ability to protect women and girls.

Northern Connections: Adventist Youth Serve Indigenous People

The youth and young adults of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Canada had cast a vision for what it would mean to really make a difference right at home. Their vision: to work for the betterment of people’s lives in ways that were responsive to their actual needs. From this vision sprang up a goal: to do something to help Indigenous people in a tangible, practical, and non-manipulative way that fostered true connection and friendship

Now I Don’t Have to Borrow Money

Turkey-Syria earthquake response in north-west Syria.

In 2023, ADRA donors responded to the Syria earthquake, supporting Rima’s family in Aleppo. The earthquake left them unable to return home, and her husband lost his job. They relied on their 21-year-old daughter’s income until ADRA provided weekly food kits, helping them save money and regain stability. Your support makes a difference.