Helping Farmers in Nepal Adapt to Climate Change: SDG 13

Suraj Khadka is from Nepal, and a project participant in the FOSTER project. Suraj comes from a family of smallholder farmers. At one time, Suraj used to produce seasonal vegetables like chili, onion and tomato. However, due to the lack of water to be used for irrigation, growing vegetables during the dry … read more

Growing Organic Mushrooms in Myanmar: SDG 4

17-year-old, Nang San Noon is from Myanmar. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Nang San Noon was unable to attend school. A short time later, the BRIGHT project came to her village and introduced a vocational training program. Nang San Noon became interested in this, and since she was no longer able to … read more

New Skills for Naw Paw

Naw Paw has faced many challenges over the last few years. Her father was killed by civil conflict in Myanmar, her mother passed away from heart disease. This was quickly followed by the collapse of her marriage and divorce. To keep her children safe, the family fled across the border to a refugee … read more

Providing Help in A Dry Land

Adan is a respected elder in his community.  He moved to the Mandera West region of Northern Kenya when he was a young man and helped start a settlement that has now become Takaba.  Adan had grown up in a culture of nomadic pastoralists who relied on raising livestock for a living.  Camels, … read more

Gardens in the Midst Drought

For the last five years, Mandera County in Kenya has been gripped by a devastating drought. The people in the county, who are traditionally pastoralists, have watched as their livestock and livelihoods succumbed to hunger and thirst. The people themselves, without a means of providing for their needs, are suffering from acute … read more

A Male Champion

Vincent is a small-scale farmer in Rwanda. To make more money for his family he takes work as a casual laborer whenever he can.  He also often helps technicians in the plumbing industry as they repair water pipes and earns about $1.50 CAD/day for his efforts. When ADRA started the EMBRACE project in … read more

From an Idyllic Life to an IDP

Ever since she was a child, Bu Ja Pu has heard the sounds of gunfire and shelling where she grew up in the Kachin State of Myanmar. It is a seemingly never-ending internal conflict that has been going on since 1961. In spite of the conflict, Bu Ja Pu was able to attend … read more

Mom, Where are the Vegetables?

Obed is a typical rural farmer in a dry region of Rwanda. Over the last two years, his life has been completely transformed by the training that he and his wife have received from an ADRA project. Here is his story, in his own words. “Before we joined..our knowledge was very basic. We … read more

Orange Farmer Turned IDP

“In 2011, when the conflict first started in my home village, we would hide in the church until things quietened down. We would then return to our home. As the days passed and the conflict became more intense, I told my wife and six children to go to the main road where they … read more

Meals for Mongolia

Mongolia, formerly part of the Soviet Union, was economically devastated when communism fell. Geographically, Mongolia is harshly situated—the vast but landlocked country is bordered with mountains to the north and west and the Gobi Desert to the south. Although Mongolia is called “The Land of Blue Sky,” thanks to over 200 days … read more