Fighting Drought and Hunger in Kenya

Your financial support is making an impact in Kenya through ADRA’s relief and development efforts. During a recent monitoring trip, one of our staff members visited the sites of our project “HAIL” (Horn of Africa Initiative for Loima sub-county) in Kenya. She found that the projects we are implementing in the region are … read more

Intangible – but Sustainable

Did you know that your dedicated contributions to ADRA transform lives for the better? Of course you did, but who doesn’t like to be shown how? Sometimes your compassionate support brings about positive change through items like tools, seeds, and medical equipment. Other times, your impact is less tangible but no less powerful. You … read more

Ray of Hope – Natasha’s Testimony

Your support for ADRA’s National programs has been making a real difference in the lives of Canadians in need. Natasha Lewis (40) and her husband Jason (46) live in Moncton, New Brunswick, with their three children. Both Natasha and Jason have received help in combatting past issues with substance abuse and addiction. While they … read more

Madiha’s Story

Madiha and her husband are raising their children in one of the toughest places. Syria has been embroiled in civil conflict for 10 years, inflicting unimaginable suffering on the people. Madiha was beginning to have hope again. Through an ADRA project, she received training in hairdressing and operating a small business. ADRA also … read more