Protecting Girls in Thailand

There are villages in the northern region of Thailand where modern amenities are inaccessible. People in these villages often struggle to maintain a decent quality of life. Thantong is one such village. Located in Maengen, Chiangsean district, Chiang Rai province – Thantong sits near the Thai–Laos border, about 29 kilometers away from the … read more

A BRIGHT-er Tomorrow in Niger

How much is an education worth to you? Would you defy your family to go to school? Would you go against the grain of social expectations to achieve your dream? Aïchatou Adamou writing on the chalkboard Education to Secure Independence – Aïchatou’s Story Aïchatou Adamou is going against … read more

Growing Organic Mushrooms in Myanmar: SDG 4

17-year-old, Nang San Noon is from Myanmar. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Nang San Noon was unable to attend school. A short time later, the BRIGHT project came to her village and introduced a vocational training program. Nang San Noon became interested in this, and since she was no longer able to … read more

Gender Equality and Empowerment in Sudan: SDG 5

In partnership with Global Affairs Canada, ADRA works to achieve gender equality and empowerment for women and girls. In West Darfur, Sudan, ADRA is making a difference in the lives of women and girls, like Arafa. “In my village, women and girls have experienced and suffered from gender-based violence, forced and early … read more

TOGETHER Project Announcement

Following an announcement by The Honourable Harjit S. Sajjan, Minister of International Development and Minister responsible for the Pacific Economic Development Agency of Canada, ADRA Canada is pleased to be collaborating with Global Affairs Canada and partners to ensure that some of the most vulnerable people, especially women and girls, in Cambodia, Kenya, … read more

Shelter, Not Suicide

The Keep Girls Safe shelter in Thailand is a haven for young girls. Here they are able to live in a safe, stable environment while they attend elementary and high school.  Nina* was not born in Thailand, but moved there with her mother and four younger siblings.   Nina’s mom had to leave her children early in the morning to … read more

Building BRIGHT Futures

ADRA Canada will partner with Global Affairs Canada to implement the project BREAKING Barriers, Improving Girls Education, Hope and Totality (BRIGHT). ADRA Canada believes that every child everywhere has the right to an education.  Through the BRIGHT project, ADRA will work over the course of four years (2020-2024) to make education available in … read more

Djama’s Cancelled Wedding

In Djama’s culture, a man will give a healthy girl’s parents at least ten cows when they marry. If the girl is beautiful, good-natured, and a hard worker, she could be worth as many as 25 cows! When she was eleven, Djama’s father let it be known publicly that she was ready to … read more

Why I Ride

I’m Janice. At the age of 55, a little girl’s story motivated me to mount a bike for the first time! It came in the form of a video that I think every one should watch. A Cancelled Wedding is a four minute video that will give you a window into what is … read more