The Pain and Privilege of Isolation

Lockdown’s Silver Lining There is likely nobody in the world who enjoyed the social effects of COVID-19 more than my dog. Some might make the same claim about their own pets, but as far as I can tell, my pup became the happiest creature in the world after March, 2020. We all experienced it … read more

A BRIGHT-er Tomorrow in Niger

How much is an education worth to you? Would you defy your family to go to school? Would you go against the grain of social expectations to achieve your dream? Aïchatou Adamou writing on the chalkboard Education to Secure Independence – Aïchatou’s Story Aïchatou Adamou is going against … read more

Ending Hunger through Climate Adaptation

Julieta is the mother of seven children. Between her husband, children, and her rice farm, her days are full, with never a dull moment. Recently, Julieta has had even more to deal with.  Julieta is a survivor of Tropical Storm Ana, which ripped through Mozambique in January. “The cyclone landfall was really challenging,” … read more

ADRA tent welcomes refugees from Ukraine

A large ADRA tent welcomes refugees entering Slovakia from Ukraine. Here they find a warm place to rest after their arduous journey. Power banks recharge cell phones, keeping loved ones connected. Cots provide a place to sleep. A kids’ corner stocked with toys, books, and crafts offers solace to children. ADRA staff and … read more

Water Means More Than You Might Think

March 22 marks World Water Day’s 29th year. In 1993, World Water Day was first observed to raise awareness of potable water as an invaluable resource and a right for all. Water means survival. You can survive only three days without water. However, water means more than you might think. It is … read more

And Let Everyone Who Is Thirsty Come

In the last few days of September, the unmistakeable smell of gasoline emanating from kitchen and bathroom facets was, to the residents of Iqaluit, the first sign that something was wrong with their water.  When city staff began investigating, they confirmed what had been obvious to residents. Fuel was contaminating the city’s treated water … read more

Girls Can Do Anything

Tilly* hopped on her motorbike and revved the engine. A gift from her proud, older sisters, it was a sign of love and support. She rode towards hope and opportunity. She was going to university.   The possibility of university had once been so remote for Tilly that it had never crossed her … read more

Feeding the Body, Feeding the Heart

Marystown is a small community located on the southern coast of Newfoundland, also known as the “boot.” However, its location and size did not mean it was spared the impact and repercussions of COVID-19 when it first swept through Canada last year.   “A lot of the people suffered from mental illness,” says Kaitlynn Harushimana, a member of the … read more

Days of Toil and Promise: Responding to the B.C. Wildfires

In the weeks following the wildfires that ravaged the Village of Lytton, B.C. and threatened neighbouring communities, ADRA Canada continues to support the beleaguered province. In early August, the British Columbia Wildfire Service had a dire message: With more than 30 active fires posing a threat to public safety and well over half … read more

Stronger Together

When the pandemic began to spread in March 2020, ADRA Canada, with help from the SDACC, NAD ACS, and ADRA International, leapt into action. Partnering with churches, affiliated church entities, organizations, and groups, we provided resources to fund 33 projects nationally. The Really Living Seventh-day Adventist community located in Hamilton, Ontario was one … read more