Protecting Girls in Thailand

There are villages in the northern region of Thailand where modern amenities are inaccessible. People in these villages often struggle to maintain a decent quality of life. Thantong is one such village. Located in Maengen, Chiangsean district, Chiang Rai province – Thantong sits near the Thai–Laos border, about 29 kilometers away from the … read more

Girls Can Do Anything

Tilly* hopped on her motorbike and revved the engine. A gift from her proud, older sisters, it was a sign of love and support. She rode towards hope and opportunity. She was going to university.   The possibility of university had once been so remote for Tilly that it had never crossed her … read more

Shelter, Not Suicide

The Keep Girls Safe shelter in Thailand is a haven for young girls. Here they are able to live in a safe, stable environment while they attend elementary and high school.  Nina* was not born in Thailand, but moved there with her mother and four younger siblings.   Nina’s mom had to leave her children early in the morning to … read more

New Skills for Naw Paw

Naw Paw has faced many challenges over the last few years. Her father was killed by civil conflict in Myanmar, her mother passed away from heart disease. This was quickly followed by the collapse of her marriage and divorce. To keep her children safe, the family fled across the border to a refugee … read more

Thailand Floods

On August 29, 2019, tropical storm Podul struck Thailand. Its heavy rain and high winds caused flash flooding and landslides. Approximately 160,000 homes were affected. Roads, bridges, schools, and hospitals were all badly damaged. Farmers have lost their harvests as over 330,000 hectares of crops were flooded. Families whose homes were destroyed took … read more

Helping Blossom to Bloom

Once she was found to be four months pregnant, Anne* was fired from her factory job in Bangkok. A rape victim who had been trafficked from Laos to Bangkok, Anne did not have many options. After giving birth to a baby girl in a Thai hospital, she and her daughter were deported back to Laos.   With few options in Laos, Anne made the trek back to Thailand on foot. … read more

Dare to Dream

“After work, my dad would usually smoke and drink alcohol. But that night, he had too much alcohol and lost control of himself. He tried to hurt me. He tried to kill me. When he went out to sharpen a knife, my siblings and I escaped through another door. If I hadn’t escaped … read more

Shielded from Harm

Suzie* sat on the grass strumming her guitar. Her nimble fingers moved from chord to chord. Her dimpled smile lit her eyes. She looked for all the world like a happy 11-year old girl, enjoying a beautiful day in the sunshine. And that was what she was. But she could have been … read more

Changing Lives in Thailand

As the country of Thailand has gone through rapid modernization over the last 30 years, ethnic groups, living in the hills and mountains of the country, have faced many challenges. Much of their homeland has been turned into national parks and forest reserves, and ethnic peoples across the country have been forced to … read more