2023 Canadian Wildfires , ADRA Canada
Kelowna Wildfire 2023

News about the 2023 Canadian wildfires has been spreading like wildfire in its own way. Smoke from the Quebec fires in early June made headlines as they dramatically discoloured the sky in New York City. The sheer scale of the fires and the buzz surrounding them have even earned a designated Wikipedia entry.  

The most recent source of distress has been the fires engulfing parts of British Columbia, the Northwest Territories, and the Yukon. Elder Paul Llewellyn (President of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Canada) and Steve Matthews (CEO, ADRA Canada) have put out an urgent call for prayer in response to the devastation. In it, they said: “Let us open our hearts and pray for divine intervention, strength, comfort, and resilience for those directly impacted by these fires and wisdom for those combating this disaster on the front lines.”  

Steve Matthews further stated: “Uniting compassion and action, ADRA Canada stands to help ease the suffering of those escaping the wildfires, providing aid and support to those affected, showing that in times of crisis, humanity’s strength shines brightest.” 

ADRA Canada is activating a fundraising campaign to directly respond to the fires. Plans are in place for our National Programs Manager Ray Fankhauser to visit the sites of the fires in British Columbia and conduct a full and detailed needs assessment. The agency’s communications team will be sharing updates alongside our ongoing response and any further developments. 

In this season of fire, let us pray both that God may send his blessings in the form of rain and that we will be ready if he chooses to send us instead.