When a Wildfire Leapt Over a Lake in BC

It was a Thursday night when residents first noticed the fires. The pastor had been in a meeting with his church members at the time and came home to find that his family was making space for a mother and daughter who had been forced to flee from their home by the rising flames. Over […]

2023 Canadian Wildfires 

Kelowna Wildfire 2023 News about the 2023 Canadian wildfires has been spreading like wildfire in its own way. Smoke from the Quebec fires in early June made headlines as they dramatically discoloured the sky in New York City. The sheer scale of the fires and the buzz surrounding them have even earned a designated Wikipedia entry.   […]

Reminders of Good Work in Alberta

With urgent news emerging throughout the province of Alberta, as wildfires spread across multiple communities, many of us are eagerly thinking of our neighbours in the western parts of Canada. While we do not have very thorough information for you yet regarding ADRA’s response to the fires, we want to remind you of … read more

ADRA & the Alberta Spring Fires

On May 6, 2023, the province of Alberta declared a state of emergency due to multiple wildfires. There have also been multiple states of local emergency (SOLE) declared. Hot, dry, and windy conditions throughout many parts of the province have been producing volatile burning conditions. The province’s Premier – Danielle Smith – … read more

Ray of Hope – Natasha’s Testimony

Your support for ADRA’s National programs has been making a real difference in the lives of Canadians in need. Natasha Lewis (40) and her husband Jason (46) live in Moncton, New Brunswick, with their three children. Both Natasha and Jason have received help in combatting past issues with substance abuse and addiction. While they … read more

National Programs Update

In September of 2022, Atlantic Canada was hit by Hurricane Fiona. The storm swept across Nova Scotia and over the course of only four days, became the costliest weather event in the history of Atlantic Canada – with 800 million dollars in damage and losses being sustained across all the Atlantic provinces – … read more

The Pain and Privilege of Isolation

Lockdown’s Silver Lining There is likely nobody in the world who enjoyed the social effects of COVID-19 more than my dog. Some might make the same claim about their own pets, but as far as I can tell, my pup became the happiest creature in the world after March, 2020. We all experienced it … read more

Life is Like a Canoe Trip Because…

Aurora Ominika-Enosse is a confident, warm-hearted young Anishnaabe woman with a ready smile. Her open demeanour undoubtedly puts at ease the children, youth, and fellow students with whom she works and volunteers. In her fourth year at Carleton University in Ottawa, Aurora has nearly completed her program in social work and feels called … read more

ADRA Partners with the Giving Back Project

The inspiration came five years ago from a former cocaine addict. While attending a local community services meal, she asked Debbie Boskovic, a volunteer, if she knew of any place where she could bake. The former drug user said, “When you’re an addict all you think about is yourself. But now that I’m … read more

And Let Everyone Who Is Thirsty Come

In the last few days of September, the unmistakeable smell of gasoline emanating from kitchen and bathroom facets was, to the residents of Iqaluit, the first sign that something was wrong with their water.  When city staff began investigating, they confirmed what had been obvious to residents. Fuel was contaminating the city’s treated water … read more