Ending Hunger through Climate Adaptation

Julieta is the mother of seven children. Between her husband, children, and her rice farm, her days are full, with never a dull moment. Recently, Julieta has had even more to deal with.  Julieta is a survivor of Tropical Storm Ana, which ripped through Mozambique in January. “The cyclone landfall was really challenging,” … read more

ADRA Congratulates Canada’s New $315-million Partnering for Climate fund

ADRA Canada congratulates the Government of Canada and the Honourable Harjit S. Sajjan, Minister of International Development and Minister responsible for the Pacific Economic Development Agency of Canada, reinforcing Canada’s commitment to climate change adaptation and climate partnerships. Not only will Canada double its climate financing to $5.3 billion over five years, but … read more

Helping Farmers in Nepal Adapt to Climate Change: SDG 13

Suraj Khadka is from Nepal, and a project participant in the FOSTER project. Suraj comes from a family of smallholder farmers. At one time, Suraj used to produce seasonal vegetables like chili, onion and tomato. However, due to the lack of water to be used for irrigation, growing vegetables during the dry … read more

Warm Houses and Warm Hearts

Juan Carlos is a 44-year-old husband and father. He lives in Ccampa, Peru, with his wife Yulisa and their two daughters, ages 12 and 14. Ccampa is located over 14,000 feet above sea level, with extreme temperatures as low as -6° Fahrenheit (-21°Celsius). This community is essentially at the base of the snow-capped Andes of Cusco, Peru.    Until December 2019, Juan Carlos was a muleteer and chef for hiking enthusiasts … read more

A Happy Face

High in the mountains of Peru, lies the community of Chilca. Remote and unforgiving, at 13500-15500 ft above sea level, the temperature can quickly drop to -5 degrees. These freezing cold temperatures bring rain, snow, and blustery winds that negatively affect the local inhabitants’ health.  The harsh conditions exacerbate vulnerabilities, especially for the very young and the very old.    With their precarious economic condition made worst by the COVID-19 pandemic, few … read more

From Devastated to Determined

Ali is no stranger to hardship. His farm in Mandera County, Kenya is his family’s only source of food and income, and in a region prone to both drought and flood neither food nor money is ever plentiful or certain. This year a long period of drought was followed quickly by destructive … read more

Changing Lives, No Strings Attached

ADRA believes in serving humanity so all may live as God intended. The “all” encompasses anyone in need, regardless of their race, ethnicity, gender, religious beliefs, political affiliations, or other considerations.   As a faith-based organization, ADRA’s presence in some communities raises understandable skepticism. The Muslim villages in Mandera West, Kenya, had their reservations when ADRA first offered … read more

A Dark Cloud of Locusts

Large swarms of desert locusts have been devastating pasture, crops, and fodder fields in eastern Africa for the last two months. Farmers and herders in Somalia, Kenya, Ethiopia and Uganda have been forced to stand by helplessly, as the locusts stripped their fields of everything green. Living in rural Kenya, Mwikali is … read more

Anastasie’s Garden

Anastasie’s garden is full of lush, leafy greens. Some of them are clearly spinach or lettuce. Some of them hint at root vegetables just underground. Anastasie is in her garden, gathering fresh produce to cook for her family of nine. Her garden didn’t always look like this. Not too long ago, it … read more

Providing Help in A Dry Land

Adan is a respected elder in his community.  He moved to the Mandera West region of Northern Kenya when he was a young man and helped start a settlement that has now become Takaba.  Adan had grown up in a culture of nomadic pastoralists who relied on raising livestock for a living.  Camels, … read more