Supporting Ukrainians in the Long Term

This month, we received testimonials from several women in Ukraine. ADRA’s LEAP (Lifesaving Evacuation, Assistance and Protection) project has been addressing some of the longer-term effects of the war, especially when it comes to mental health and psycho-social support. You have helped us connect Ukrainians with qualified mental health professionals. There are women like … read more

ADRA & the Alberta Spring Fires

On May 6, 2023, the province of Alberta declared a state of emergency due to multiple wildfires. There have also been multiple states of local emergency (SOLE) declared. Hot, dry, and windy conditions throughout many parts of the province have been producing volatile burning conditions. The province’s Premier – Danielle Smith – … read more

Madiha’s Story

Madiha and her husband are raising their children in one of the toughest places. Syria has been embroiled in civil conflict for 10 years, inflicting unimaginable suffering on the people. Madiha was beginning to have hope again. Through an ADRA project, she received training in hairdressing and operating a small business. ADRA also … read more

Eman’s Story

Yemen has been the scene of civil war for nine years. The fighting has inflicted death and destruction across the nation. Before the war, Eman and her husband had created a good life together. But the conflict came to their doorstep in the form of a bomb that demolished the home they had … read more

Pauline’s Story

Turkana County, Kenya, has suffered from a drought for five consecutive years. The people here are traditionally pastoralists. Now, the longstanding drought has killed their herds and source of livelihood. Without the means to support themselves, many families have plunged into hunger. Pauline, a mother, is facing these challenges alone. During her last … read more

Responding to the Hunger Crisis

The Democratic Republic of the Congo (the DRC) is a lush country of rainforests, hills, and mountains. It’s home to gorillas, the white rhinoceros, elephants, and giraffes.  Its natural beauty is matched by its wealth of natural resources, ranking it among the richest in those terms.  It’s therefore ironic that this beauty and bounty … read more

Impossible Problem Meets God of the Impossible

Elisha was on a ministerial trip to Gilgal, visiting 100 prophets. The region was gripped by famine. (2 Kings 4:38, NIV) Hunger haunted the people’s eyes. Fathers feared for their families, and mothers mourned their children’s misery.  When a man came with armloads of bread and some heads of grain, Elisha knew what to … read more

Two Times a Refugee

Nina is an 82-year-old grandmother from Ukraine. The night before ADRA met her, she boarded a train with her sister and her sister’s husband and left her home country to escape the violence of the conflict. This evacuation is not Nina’s first time fleeing a conflict. In 1941, Nina was … read more

ADRA Partners with the Giving Back Project

The inspiration came five years ago from a former cocaine addict. While attending a local community services meal, she asked Debbie Boskovic, a volunteer, if she knew of any place where she could bake. The former drug user said, “When you’re an addict all you think about is yourself. But now that I’m … read more

Ending Hunger through Climate Adaptation

Julieta is the mother of seven children. Between her husband, children, and her rice farm, her days are full, with never a dull moment. Recently, Julieta has had even more to deal with.  Julieta is a survivor of Tropical Storm Ana, which ripped through Mozambique in January. “The cyclone landfall was really challenging,” … read more