Madiha’s Story

Madiha and her husband are raising their children in one of the toughest places. Syria has been embroiled in civil conflict for 10 years, inflicting unimaginable suffering on the people. Madiha was beginning to have hope again. Through an ADRA project, she received training in hairdressing and operating a small business. ADRA also … read more

Eman’s Story

Yemen has been the scene of civil war for nine years. The fighting has inflicted death and destruction across the nation. Before the war, Eman and her husband had created a good life together. But the conflict came to their doorstep in the form of a bomb that demolished the home they had … read more

A Sign of Love

Do you remember the early 1980s? More specifically, do you remember the Ethiopia famine in the early 1980s? Recurring droughts, failing harvests, and conflict pushed millions into deprivation and starvation. The images from that catastrophe sent shock waves around the world. Perhaps for the first time on such a global scale, … read more

Unseen Casualties of War

After enduring seven long years of conflict, the people of Yemen continue to face hunger and suffering. Many thousands have died due to the fighting; many more are in danger of becoming unseen casualties of war. Even before the conflict began, Yemen was one of the poorest nations in our world. Now it is … read more

Having a Baby in a War Zone

The country of Yemen is rarely featured in our news feeds. Yet, the United Nations has declared that the ongoing war in Yemen has generated the greatest humanitarian disaster that we have in our world today. The shelling has destroyed hospitals, clinics, and health facilities. Healthcare in Yemen has been hit hard. With … read more

Helping Save Lives in Yemen

The humanitarian crisis in Yemen is at its worst since the start of the conflict in 2015. Though the country and its needs are not often featured in the news, Yemen has earned the sad distinction of being the country with the greatest humanitarian need in the world. Healthcare is among the areas … read more

A Weight Off My Shoulders

Yemen. A country with a rich history and a stunning beauty all its own. The capital, Sana’a, looks to most foreigners like something out of Arabian Nights. But in recent years, it is also a country of turbulence and violence. Since 2011, a civil war has divided the country. The Yemeni people have … read more

Restoring Health in Yemen

Abu and his family were one of the most war-affected families ADRA workers had seen. They were living in a home that had been nearly destroyed by the ongoing violence. In fact, most houses in a similar condition in the region had already been abandoned. Since 2015, Yemen has experienced devastating conflict, leaving … read more

A New Smile for Mohammed

Mohammed lives with his family in a small village in Yemen. The ongoing conflict in the country makes it difficult for his father to find work and the family daily faces challenges of hunger and poverty. Born with a cleft lip and palate, Mohammed has endured a lot of sadness and pain in … read more

Disaster Response in Yemen

Since 2015, Yemen has experienced devastating conflict leaving 22 million people in need of humanitarian assistance. The citizens of Yemen are suffering from hunger, lack of healthcare, and unsanitary conditions. They fear for their safety every day.  “I felt that a cold jolt penetrated my hand, I thought I was going to die.” … read more